A Gift to the Community

The gift of self confidence to a young mother at risk is also a gift to her child, a gift to her child is in turn a gift to the community.

At BHG we give help to those making a difference to people’s lives, using their talents to help communities across the UK realise their potential.

Our mission is to not only deliver the finest products through our Gourmet Gift Boxes around the world, but for that act of giving to, in turn, provide a gift to the wider community.
We are committed to a number of organisations and groups working endlessly to improving lives in local communities throughout the UK, and we feel privileged to be able to assist in generating funds and/or services through the work we do.
We are in partnership with 4Wings, a non-profit organisation that works tirelessly with women at risk. 4Wings provides coaching, employment opportunities and creative therapy to improve self-esteem and self-efficacy of socially isolated women throughout our communities.  
BHG aims to provide a safe and supportive environment where, through our assistance, women can use and further develop their creative skills, whilst in addition learning to develop their business understanding.
We believe that through proactive business orientated approaches we can make far more significant impacts upon the lives of people at risk. By sharing in the work and receiving the rewards that follow we hope to install basic values and create self esteem, tools that are vital in today's society.





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