Corporate Services

Belgravia House of Gifts offers a number of bespoke services for our corporate customers and partners, from our Signature Gourmet Gift Boxes Collection to the Bespoke 1 of 1 Collection; all designed so that your corporate branding and logo are married perfectly with our stunning gift box designs.

We’ll work in partnership with your business or marketing department to create a number of unique gift solutions, ideal for events such as new product launches, store openings or marketing campaigns, or even just as a token of appreciation for a client. 

We would also be delighted to work with your corporate social responsibility department to match you with a charity or social project that matches your corporate values, and that you can donate a percentage of the proceeds from each gift box you send via BHG to.

*We also provide a global gift concierge service on behalf of selected corporate partners - Please call our team on 08432211808  who will be happy to provide full details of this exclusive service.

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